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The Pimsleur Method

The Pimsleur Method

The Pimsleur Method is a foundation where all of the Pimsleur courses have been built upon. This is a set of principles that has been scientifically proven and designed to lead a learner straight to the heart of the language, which will eliminate confusion, noise, and most especially, information overload.

People from around the world are using the Pimsleur method to understand and speak new languages in a quick and easy manner. If you haven’t tried it yet then you will surely find it hard to believe that something so simple like this can actually work so well. This method is made up of the following principles:

Core Vocabulary

The effectiveness of communication in any kind of language will depend on the mastery of a limited number of structures and words. Learning all too much at once will slow down the process thus allowing some people to easily get discouraged. The courses offered in Pimsleur will just limit the amount of your learning at any one time thus providing your brain an opportunity to internalize the new items before you move on. Once you have solidified the foundation, learning new phrases and words will be much easier and natural since a clear framework has already existed wherein they can be attached to.

Organic Learning

All new items that has been taught in the Pimsleur course is provided within the context of a conversation. This will help multitude and learning in many different ways which will then allow your brain to automatically integrate melody, rhythm, intonation, and pronunciation. So the next time you are looking for a word, it will just be there hanging at the tip of your tongue.

Principle of Anticipation

Our brains are capable of automatically processing speech and even anticipate the proper response. This thought process is so intricate that most of us just take it for granted. The research by Dr. Pimsleur has demonstrated that these new connections are automatically activated once the dynamic system has been triggered. By asking for understanding of the topic, pausing for a response, and afterwards expressing the correct response, these courses will surely accelerate the learning process, enhance the understanding, and even activate new neural pathways in the brain of the learner.

Graduated Interval Recall

The research conducted by Dr. Pimsleur about the memory is considered as one of the most revolutionary achievements. He found out that if learners will be reminded of new words at increasing intervals then they will be able to remember much longer than what they used to. He also documented the optimal spacing in order for information to be channeled from being a temporary into permanent memory. This theory is the foundation of all the programs based on the research conducted by Pimsleur.

With all these principles surrounding the Pimsleur method, there’s no argument here regarding its effectiveness. You can ensure that learning new words, phrases, and languages through this process, you will eventually make it more permanent compared to the other methods that you used to do.

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