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Saying Useful Things in Romanian Language

Saying Useful Things in Romanian Language

The main language for the citizens of Romania is known as Romanian. It belongs to one of the five Latin languages and it is primarily used in Moldova and Romania. If ever you have some plans on traveling to any of those countries, you need to learn the Romanian language to ensure that you’re not lost in translation and so that you can communicate with the people effectively.

In this article, you will be learning some basic words, phrases and tips to help you get a start on the Romanian language and be able to blend in.

Get a Feel of the Language Using an English-Romanian Dictionary

Depending on your experience with regards to your adaptation of new languages, it can either be easy or hard for you to speak the Romanian language. But no matter what the case is, grabbing an English-Romanian dictionary could help you get a feel of how the language goes. You can start learning by:

  •  Learn a couple of Romanian words each week.
  • Write down some words as well as their pronunciations on a notebook or notepad. Bring it along wherever you go so that you can practice the language.
  •  You can try recording your voice speaking some Romanian words on your iPod so that you can listen to them while you relax.

Befriend a Local or Someone Who Knows the Romanian Language

The best practice you can get is to converse using the local dialect. This will allow you to pick up on the words easily as well as know how the locals use common gestures to let people understand what they’re trying to imply.

  •  Meet with the person somewhere safe and public.
  • Avoid using the English language if possible especially if you’re with the locals.
  • Ask for some advice and afterwards get an assessment of your progress with regards to your way of speaking the Romanian language.

Learn the Basic Phrases

To help you get a start on constructing perfect sentences, you need to first learn the basic words. This will show locals that you are learning their language and they may even help you in the process.

  • Hello: Salut (sah-loot)
  • Goodbye: La revedere (lah reh-veh-deh-reh)
  • Yes: Da (dah)
  • No: Nu (noo)
  • Please: Vă rog (vuh rohg)(formal or plural) or Te rog (teh rohg)(informal)
  • Thank you: Mulţumesc (mool-tzoo-mesk)
  • You’re welcome: N-ai pentru ce! or Cu plăcere (koo pluh-chair-eh)
  • I’m sorry: îmi pare rău (em pareh-rauu)
  • Excuse me: Pardon (pahr-dohn)
  • How are you?: Ce mai faci? (cheh my fahtch)
  • Fine, thank you: Mulţumesc, bine (mool-tzu-mesk bee-neh)
  • Nice to meet you: Incântat (oohn-koohn-taht) or Îmi pare bine (oohm pah-reh bee-neh)
  • Good morning: Bună dimineaţa (booo-nuh dee-mee-nyah-tzuh)
  • Good day: Bună ziua (boo-nuh zee-wah)
  • Good evening: Bună seara (boo-nuh syah-ruh)
  • Good night: Noapte bună (nwahp-teh boo-nuh)

As you can see, learning the Romanian language isn’t much different to the other languages out there. Just as long as you start with the basics, sooner or later you will hear yourself become an expert in conversing it.

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