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Pimsleur Spanish

You may not realize it, but you probably already have a fair understanding of the Spanish language and quite the vocabulary as well. After all, most Americans would have no problem reading the menu in a Mexican restaurant, or understanding basic Spanish words. But, if you are interested in increasing your Spanish speaking skills, you may want to consider the Pimsleur Spanish program.

What Is Pimsleur Spanish?

The Pimsleur Approach is a language learning method that has been in existence for more than 40 years and has helped millions of people around the world to learn a variety of different languages. There are a few aspects to this method of teaching a second language that make it so different or mother methods, the most prominent of which is that this does not focus on reading or writing, spelling or conjugating, but rather on learning how to understand native speakers and to have confidence in speaking with them.

How Does This Program Work?

Pimsleur Spanish uses a variety of audio techniques to help you learn new vocabulary, create an understand phrases, and perhaps most importantly, understand real native Spanish speakers. The audio program that you received has been scientifically sequenced so that you are able to quickly learn Spanish and retain as much information as possible, even after listening to the CD lessons one time.

The fact that you can learn a new language without reading, writing, or even using your computer means that you can focus on just what is important – speaking and understanding.

What Are People Saying About Pimsleur Spanish?

A lot of the reviews for this program mention that this is a much more efficient way to learn a language and one that can enable you to retain more information for a longer period of time, which is imperative if you really want to learn and interact in the language.

“I already knew some Spanish, but wanted to brush up on my skills. This really helped me to do it quickly.”

–       Maria, TX (testimony from company website)

 “I remember language class in high school was a nightmare for me. This is a lot easier and actually makes learning entertaining.”

–       Breanna, CA (testimony from company website)

Even though some people choose this program as a way to learn a language for work, there are also those who like to travel with a fair grasp of the language. Pimsleur Spanish can help you travel to any Spanish speaking country with ease.

“Pimsleur helped me to learn enough Spanish to really enjoy my holiday more. Now I feel like I want to keep on learning.”

–       Greg, MI (testimony from company website)

Where Should You Buy Pimsleur Spanish?

If you are ready to start learning Spanish, then you can get an eight lesson, four CD program just by going to the official web site. By doing so, you will get a discounted price of just $9.95, and you will also get a 30 day money back guarantee on future lessons. There are sixteen languages that you can choose from, and they are currently offering free shipping, too.

Is This The Best Language Learning Program For You?

Most people do not have the time or the money to go back to school in order to learn a second language, and quite frankly, the methods used in traditional classrooms are not very successful in the long term. When you start learning your second language with Pimsleur Spanish, you will learn quickly and also be able to successfully understand and converse with Spanish speakers much quicker than traditional methods. If your goal is to speak and understand Spanish, then this is perhaps the best way to learn.

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