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Learning French with Pimsleur French

Learning French with Pimsleur French

Learning another language is no easy job as it demands you to learn something from scratch. But who ever said that learning to speak and understand another language is going to be easy? Language isn’t just about speaking, writing, or understanding – it’s more than that. A country’s unique language represents its people and its culture, going back hundreds to thousands of years in history. French is just one of the many languages that are popular among those who want to learn a new language because of its finesse, grace, and overall beauty, but how can you learn French without the hassle?

Looking for an effective way to learn French more effectively? Well, the answer lies in Pimsleur and you can learn French without any hitch! Let’s see and find out all about Pimsleur French.

What Do You Get with Pimsleur French?
Learning French has never been this easy. With Pimsleur French, you get French Levels of 1-3 (a total of 90 minutes with 30 minutes each lesson) Application DVD version along with interactive tools to help you learn French faster – Reading, Speak Easy, cool flash cards, and Quick Match. Get to experience Pimsleur Unlimited which puts together the interactive nature of many software learning tools with the convenience, ease, and grace of the portable Pimsleur Method.

Pimsleur French Unlimited Levels 1-3 gives you about 45 hours of audio instruction with 90 daily lessons with the proven Pimsleur Method. You also get a whopping 62 reading lessons to let you understand and read French. Get a total of 90 Speak Easy conversations to sharpen your French speaking skills. And with over 900 digital flash cards, you can review, relearn, and practice everything about what you’ve learned in French. On top of those, the Quick Match interactive system also has 900 questions for you to tackle and improve your French further.

Learn French Fast!
With only 30 minutes per day, the Pimsleur audio lessons are still considered to be one of the best language learning tools in the world. Being completely portable, it’s a convenient and easy way to learn without having to be tied to a classroom or even a bulky language book. The Pimsleur Unlimited holds great power by using your computer to generate high quality audio and reading lessons along with conversation lessons which lets you learn the French language, culture, and more into your mind and even developing a near-native natural accent.

Learn on Your Own Time and Your Own Terms
With the Pimsleur French, you get to plan out on how you learn the French language. Get to invest the time properly by setting a few minutes per day in learning French and engaging in the various lessons that Pimsleur French has to offer. If you want an even greater challenge, the Quick Match system has got it all covered.

What are you waiting for? If you want to learn French, then the Pimsleur French is the way to go. Fast, easy, and convenient – what else are you looking for when it comes to this awesome language learning tool?